Shimizu Sensei Tendoryu Aikido Seminar

Shimizu Sensei

Founder of Tendoryu Aikido

The Shimizu Sensei Tendoryu Aikido Seminar is a 3 day training seminar held in Melbourne Australia

Shimizu Sensei was one of the last personal students (“uchi dechi”) of the aikido founder Osensei Morihei Ueshiba.

He founded the school of Tendoryu Aikido in 1969 a style which is now characterized by its large and clear movements, emphasizing naturalness and harmonic flow of motion.

This event is a great way to meet other aikidoka from different countries and to broaden your knowledge of aikido with our special guest instructors from all around the world.

The seminar was held on 28th April to 30th April 2017, at Seikatsu Dojo, Pascoe Vale Victoria.